New for 2015 Animated Dressage Tests will be made available to the public starting November 10, 2014.

To thank you for your support we are providing the old tests classrooms and downloadable PDFs for hard-copy or your mobile devices  FREE.  These  Dressage tests will  be used through the 2014 show season.

After November 10, 2014 with a membership, you receive immediate access to the new tests including the classrooms, diagrams for printing, mobile devices, exercises and forums. You can choose a specific level you are riding or choose the  Complete  Set Memberships..

Visit the Classroom Homepages or use the Menus above:

If you would like to view the tests in PDF on your mobile device download the complete set by clicking the button below.  If you don’t know how to add them to your PDF library click here.

Download PDFs

Offering Dressage Test Classrooms and PDFs for Dressage and Eventing.

The Digital Horse illustrates the United States Equestrian Federation dressage tests. We offer animated classrooms that facilitate visual and auditory memorization. Our animations are color coded to illustrate each movement and a professional voice actor to reads the test as you watch. We also include helpful hints and memory markers to ensure your success.

Become a member and have access to the classrooms, the diagrammed prints for hard-copy, PDFs for mobile devices and all the exercises. We guarantee our method will help you memorize your test and improve your scores or your money back.

Give The Digital Horse a try, dismount and log-on.

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