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We train your  mind. When you know your dressage test, you can focus on your horse and your ride. You are prepared, sharp and ready to ride your best. When you become a member you have access to all the content on the site for the life of the tests.  The USEF tests renew every four years.

Visit a Classroom

Visit a Dressage Test classroom and experience our visual and auditory aids that help you master the tests and the spatial relationships of movements in the arena. Become a member and have access to the animated classrooms, exercises and the downloadable PDF library.

PDF Documents

When you ride your test it is critical, to have a good reference tool. Our tests are viewable on your desktop computer, as color hard copy prints and on your mobile devices. Use the link below to purchase single levels or the entire set. Immediate Download.


We offer flexible membership choices. Be a Dressage Member or a Eventing Member or BOTH depending on your riding style. You can purchase a membership one time and use the site for the life of the tests or  try our monthly option.

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USEF/USDF/USEA dressage tests used at  recognized competitions, any device, any where, any time, online or downloadable for mobile devices or hard copies.


Best Prices

We guarantee the best price for diagrammed dressage tests used at USEF/USDF/USEA  recognized competitions online classrooms, mobile or hard-copy.

All Levels

We offer all levels of Dressage Tests and Eventing Tests used at USEF/USDF/USEA  recognized competitions to help you reach your goals.

Higher Scores

Our classroom training method helps your memorize your dressage tests and gives you a clear understanding of the spatial relationships of the figures.


Read what people are saying about The Digital Horse

  • Wish me luck- I’m entering my first show at the end of the month.  I’ve decided after 63 years, that it is time to enter the show arena and earn my bronze medal.    Thanks to the Digital Horse, I’ve been able to learn my tests with precision, and all the training holes are first level are gone.  I’m looking forward to these first two shows, and continuing on with second level.  

    Cheri Isgreen
  • Smooth transition from download to iBooks. I couldn’t do this last year and I LOVE IT!! Thank you. Great product as usual but even better!

    Andrea Robinson
  • I really appreciate the prompt response to all my emails, phone calls and silly questions. Digital Horse is, without a doubt, the best training aid out there. Even my instructor swears by it, and she competes at the GP level. Since I switch back and forth between eventing and “real” dressage, I find myself constantly having to refresh my memory of the tests. Digital Horse is a fantastic way to imprint the tests in my already cluttered mind. The visual and auditory input makes memorizing a dressage test almost easy!! Thank you so much for a fantastic product and even better customer service..

    Aileen Williams, Novice-level Eventer and Dabbling DQ
  • We LOVED your site!!! It was recommended to us by my daughter’s trainer. My daughter could not have gone as far as she did last year with out Digital Horse!! She has some learning difficulties and it is hard for her to comprehend some things. Because your site offer the tests to be heard, seen and shows the horse moving to each spot, she can comprehend it much better that just looking at a test sheet. We have passed along your website to our Pony Club members, everyone we talk to at the shows, our boarders and all the riding students at our trainers! THANKS for the good work!!.

    Laurie Howell
  • I Love your product! I am the Area IV org as well as the organizer for Queeny Park Horse Trials. I am thrilled to have a membership!

    Elise Vandover
  • I used the website this past winter while training and showing in Florida. As a new rider to Dressage, I found the animated tests to be very helpful in preparing for my classes. I took home ribbons from each show, and even got two blue ribbons at my very first competition! I will continue to go back to the website as my training progresses, so I can learn the more advanced tests. Thank you for creating this website, it made it much more fun to learn each test.

    Lesley Mohns Armstrong
  • I absolutely love your digital horse site. My daughter is just getting into dressage in her 4-H club and as a teacher I like that she can use all her senses to learn. She uses her kinetic, visual and auditory senses in the arena on the horse and then she can come home and use her auditory and visual skills at the computer to reinforce and help her remember her tests. I like that she can go through a movement and then repeat the movement immediately after seeing it. I like that she can move through the whole test or focus on one part that is more challenging for her to learn. Thank you for our membership and use of this technically savvy tool.

    Malinda Smtih
  • The Digital Horse is a great product with outstanding customer service! When I first joined I detected a problem with one of the lower level tests. I reported it via e-mail and Robin responded so quickly. Since it was going to take a bit longer to get the corrected version posted on the website, the test was e-mailed directly to me. It is rare to find companies with this kind of prompt and courteous customer service any more these day! Thanks for all you do to help take the “stress” out of learning Dressage tests!

  • The Digital Horse.com is the source for a quick tip reminder or an in depth tutorial to provide winning dressage results. My tests have improved dramatically.

    Fernanda Kellogg, Fitch's Corner, Millbrook, NY
  • I am writing to let you know that I love my Digital Horse!!! I copied the the tests that my trainer does on my horse, and I copied the tests I do on my Horse. I then took them to Staples and had them laminated. ( It is very cheap to do) I keep them in my car and in my box at the barn. I like the size because at 49 , the little testbooks are hard to read. (without bringing your reading glasses) . I love watching the test on my computer. It helps memorize the test.

    Karen Farmer
  • I just want to say that I love your web site. I joined about a year ago and I am so glad I did, I love seeing the tests. I can actually visualize the test better if I know the ring I will be showing in, from using your site. It helps memorize the test.

    Jeannie Santos
  • Your service has been a great help to me ! After taking a hiatus from eventing as a Veterinarian, I started competing again after 30 years – and I find that your digital tests make it simple to learn and memorize !

    D H Wade, DVM
  • “Thank you so much!!! I can’t thank you enough for this web site and your products, i can not afford a trainer, and have used the other CD i bought from you to help me learn a lot of what i needed to compete at training level, test 1 & 2, and i got a 2nd & 3rd place!! (& that’s on an Off the track TB of my aunt’s that i’m training myself!!!) I can’t wait to keep on learning from the next one as well.”

    Suzanne Smith
  • “I want to let you know that The Digital Horse has been an unbelievable source of help in learning dressage tests over the past few years for my daughter. She has dyslexia and she would never be able to learn a test by reading it, or having it read to her while she is on her horse. Using The Digital Horse and being able to watch the horse move, step by step, through the dressage tests makes it almost easy for her to learn. This is not the case with anything that she tries to learn. The patterned markings that you use for the different gaits, etc. are wonderful. I really do not know what we would have done without The Digital Horse.”

  • “We love the web site My husband has just gotten into dressage at 58 and with his dyslexia the site is excellent for him. The visuals really are excellent! Will be sure to keep my membership.”

    Nancy Harvieux and Stan Kent HK Acres
  • “I am new to dressage and can’t tell you how much this has helped me! I study the dressage tests constantly!!! You have been a lifesaver. Last year, my instructor was so impressed that as a brand new person to dressage, I knew my tests better than some of her more seasoned students!”

    Tammie Stanley
  • “We LOVE your products …and so do our customers!!”

    The Equine Connection
  • “Because I am a visual learner, The Digital Horse method is the only way I have conquered dressage tests without a reader. It has made all of the difference between first place and fifth. Thank you!!!”

    Marilyn Horine

OUR Team

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    Kelly Jewell

    Consultant / Currently Competiting

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    Jenni Douglas

    Clinician / Competitive Experience / Consultant / Currently Competiting / Instructor / Trainer

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    Eric Bravo

    Clinician / Consultant / Instructor / Trainer

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    Competitive Experience / Consultant / Currently Competiting

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  • Robin Kelly

    Robin Kelly

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    Eliza Banks

    Clinician / Competitive Experience / Consultant / Currently Competiting / Instructor / Trainer

Still Have Questions?

Join TodayDepending on the membership you chose you get access to all the classrooms ( view classroom example )and downloadable material. So this includes the step by step animated classrooms, and the pdf files.

We try to offer you lots of options. You can purchase a year long membership at a discounted one time payment or purchase a monthly membership with a recurring charge and keep it as long as you like. Or you can visit our online store and purchase and download the PDF diagrams. These diagrams are used for the entire four year test cycle and the Dressage Tests are in use through 2019 and the Eventing Tests are in use through 2018.

Yes you can view the tests offline, you simply download the PDF test that you need to study or download the complete set and view the test in your PDF reader for quick reference anytime. Or you can download and print the tests so you have a hard copy.

Diagrammed Dressage Tests for printer or mobile

puffinPuffin Browser – Wicked Fast! and FREE!

Puffin Browser now supports the latest Flash Engine over the cloud for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. When you surf the web using the Puffin Browser on your mobile device it will open up an entirely different viewing experience. The Puffin Browser supports FLASH on all websites not just www.TheDigitalHorse.com.

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Yes using your mobile device is a wonderful way to learn your dressage tests on the fly. You can use the entire site with your mobile device and you can download the PDFs for viewing anytime (like right before you enter the arena) . Or you can print the PDF and view your test the old fashioned way.

Diagrammed Dressage Tests for printer or mobile

It depends on how you like to learn. We recommend that you view the test in the step by step classroom (view example) before you go out and ride. Then print or download your test to your mobile device and have it handy for quick reference.

Yes this is no problem. If you are a member the tests can be downloaded by level in two formats, full size copies that are larger and when printed can span up to 3 pages or single sheets that have smaller diagrams but print on one handy sheet. Or if you just want the downloadable PDF tests visit our Online Store.

Become a member today and have access to all the USEF Dressage tests

Your one time purchase lasts the life of the tests

  • Learn your test online
  • Don’t worry  if you lose your test!
  • Immediate Access to all our learning material
  • Download a color coded diagrams with memory markers.
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