Sooooooo…….today Barret discovered 5th gear on Velvet……….and I discovered that I had a hysterical mother scream buried deep down inside me.
Barret and I were on the home stretch of a ride (I had walked and she rode Velvet) when a friends dog, Dally, came to greet us. Barret and Velvet have been playing chase with Dally all week, so they quickly trotted ahead in pursuit of pooch. Very quickly the trot became a long trot (or as long as it can get for Velvet), became a canter, became a GALLOP! Velvet had never galloped under saddle, so she was all over the shop, putting a leg in every county at first. I’m yelling (OK maybe I was screaming) at Barret to get her stopped, to pull her head around, to STOP HER! Well, she would stop her and Velvet would take off after Dally again. I’m having kittens, roaring loud enough that I created an echo on our open Texas prairie.
Finally, Barret gets Velvet sorted and trots back to me. She looks at me and askes “Well, have you finished having your hissy fit yet? If you have, you can stop screaming and stop having a temper tantrum now.”
Slack jawed, I realized that she had been in control the entire time. I was the one in a panic, not her.

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