Adele’s ‘Hello’ Equestrian Parody

The lyrics were written and performed by Kelly Jewell and the Video was directed and edited by Tony Hobden

Hello…Its me
I’ve been chasing you for 40 minutes Just to get you in
To go into ….Your stable
That I pay a fortune every month for

When you prefer to crap outside

Hello…Are you listening

Your temporary deafness drives me mad when it’s time to get you in

Your field Companion…is in

I need to wash your legs and clean your sheath and then pick out your feet

There’s always this mud between us…..or a million flies

Hello from the other side

of the field Ive called a thousand times

To bring you in out of…the pissing down rain

But each time I call you…you piss off again

Hello from the warm and dry

At least I can say that I’ve tried

with treats and carrots…time after time

Bit it don’t matter, even though the mud’s up to my thigh

Hello….Its time

To leave this stinking field and come inside and stop this foolish game

I hope…I can ride

Or at least go sideways down the road and then spin and gallop home

Its no secret…that you’re a git to ride

and you spook when nothing’s there

Now hello from the other side

Of the stable door your legs have dried

And I said I’m sorry…for spoiling your fun

but this sponge is for noses…and this one’s for your bum

Hello from the underside

I must have brushed 1000 times

I tell you, your tail…is just as bad as your mane

But it don’t matter, clearly…you’ll do it again…and again


Hello sand is in my eye

We tried to jump but then you shied

U look like you’re sorry…that I fell on my face

But that ain’t…I need a neck brace

Hello from the driver’s side

I’m off home now that I’ve hurt my pride

But there’s no lasting I’ll come back at 5

To repeat this madness…that makes me feel so alive


More about Kelly

My first question do are you a horse woman and a rider? 

I am not 100% sure of the difference here 🙂 I currently train ex-racehorses from the ground and under saddle for their new roles in life


Is that your fabulous horse in the video? what is his name and is breed?
Both the horses in the video are in fact mine. The chestnut gelding is a 10yr old Thoroughbred ex-racehorse who we call Dave. The other is my home-bred warm-blood x Cleveland bay grey mare who was born with one eye and is called Special


What type of riding do you do?

Various – principally I retrain the thoroughbreds mostly on the flat and concentrate on building solid foundations so that their new owners have the ride-ability to specialize in pretty much what ever disciplines they chose. Personally I have competed in eventing, show jumping and dressage at an affiliated level and now enjoy utilizing classical principles in modern equitation


How did you come up with this idea to do an Adele Parody?  and has Adele seen it or contacted you yet?

I came home from the yard on New Years Eve and my 9yr old step son was recording a parody he had written – I listened and had a light-bulb moment…the lyrics just came easily


Who helped you with the video and the choreography and the lyrics.
The lyrics were my own work, the audio recording was done by my very talented record producer fiance, Tony Hobden. We made a great team for the video…the choreography was all spontaneous – we just wanted to have fun with it


Are you a singer/musician?
I sing but I am not a singer ha ha! It is usually only reserved for the shower or in the car


What is your day job?
Currently I retrain racehorses at Racers to Riders, as mentioned I rehabilitate ex-racehorses and help them into new homes. I am about to launch a new business in medical and veterinary Thermography. I have a huge interest in injury prevention in sports horses and the camera I have just purchased from a company in Florida will allow me to image micro lesions/fractures caused by training and hopefully help trainers to adapt training schedules to prevent future breakdown. We can also identify neurological and lymphatic imbalances within the body, for example, the scope of this technology for the equine industry is huge as it is for we humans. The website, is currently being built and I fly to Florida at the end of my month to collect camera. We will be launching in February – It is a very exciting time


Are you surprised that the video went viral?


How many views have you had so far?


Why did you make the video?
We didn’t go out on New Years Eve so recorded a song and on New Years Day I thought it would be a cool idea to make a video to make friends and family smile


What are your friends and family saying?
I have had a massive amount of support by way of Facebook messages, texts, emails – the response has been nothing but positive


Is there an official Kelly Jewell fan page for us to book mark for future videos?
No I’m not wired that way – we will continue to upload videos onto my you-tube channel which will cover horse training, Thermography and the crazy stuff that we do



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