Kelly Jewel has a new Equine Parody for us SANI-HAT

NEW! SANI-HAT! Don’t be a minger this summer! From the makers of the Adele “Hello” parody. These UK girls are toooooo funny we need more silly stuff like this to get the fun back in riding, making friends and laughing.  Playing with horses can be both fun and silly,  hum do you think I can get EquiTart to advertise on 😉

Kelly Jewell, is a 36 year old mum fKelly Jewellrom the UK. She specializes in retraining racehorses for new careers and also owns a company that specializes in veterinary and medical digital thermal imaging.

I have a successful Vlog on YouTube where I offer training tips and horsemanship advice to everyone who has is as hungry to learn as I am. I also enjoy grabbing the odd equestrian celebrity for an ‘on the spot’ interview too – please subscribe to my YouTube channel for exclusive videos and an all round happy and informative horsey environment.

You can also join our Facebook groups ‘racers to riders’ or ‘Thermology uk’ or pop along to my website at .

Oh and you cannot forget Kelly is also a very successful parody artist who is the genius and talent behind the horse flavored Adele Video.

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