Use the leg yield to turn on the forehand

Leg Yield and Turn On The Forehand

LegYieldTurnontheForehand2This exercise combines the leg yield and the turn on the forehand. When you work on exercises at the walk, everything is slowed down so you can focus on your body and how effective your aids are. You also give your horse time to learn the exercise. The most common problem in riders is when they give up or change their aids when they don’t get the expected result immediately. Remember it takes time to figure out your body and, for your horse to figure out his. You need to stick with the correct aids and trust that, with some patience and practice, you will get the result you are expecting.

To begin this exercise ride an active walk. Use your corners practice your half-halts to re-balance your horse and to regain his attention. Once your horse is moving forward and listening try your first leg yield. Encourage your horse to move forward and sideways away from your leg. If you get stuck, ride your horse forward in a straight line. Then work on your corner and try the exercise again. Stay with the leg yield until you are successful then add the turn on the forehand.

If you decide to try the turn on the forehand, make a plan. Start with your leg yield then walk a few steps forward into an active straight halt. Once your horse halts, move your inside leg slightly behind the girth and apply pressure gently asking for a step by step movement away from your leg. Remember if your horse ignores your leg you can give him a sharper aid but you must always return to the soft aid.

Keep your inside rein active (gently squeezing your fingers) to help your horse stay slightly flexed to the inside. Hold your outside rein steady to control the degree of bend in his neck and to prevent stepping forward. Your goal is to have your horse’s hind legs move in a circle around his fore-legs. Remember If you get stuck, ride forward and try again.