Leg Yield to Quarter-line then Half Circle to the wall.

Dressage Exercise Leg Yield with Half Circles.

Example Two

Leg Yield to Center-line then Half Circle to the wall.

This exercises if building on yesterdays The Leg Yield to Quarter-line with a Half Circle.  You can try this exercise  at the walk, and trot.  Start at the walk  so you can learn the exercise and teach it to your horse.  In this exercise you are asking for more lateral (sideways) movement. If you get stuck ride forward and circle and try again.  Your primary goal is to increase your lateral movement in increments.

This is the first example in a series of four.

Step One:  Get your horse stepping out and in front of your leg.  He should be traveling forward with a nice even pace not slowing down or speeding up, without  you nagging him along with your leg or pulling with your hands.  If he won’t go forward willingly make a correction.  If he tries to slow down again ask with a soft aid to send him forward. If the soft aid does not work then make another correction repeat this until you get a nice forward horse that listens to  soft aids and does not need to be nagged to keep moving forward.

When you approach the corner to start your first Leg Yield come across the short side of the arena, half halt before the turn, then ride forward straight to H. Then start pushing your horse over one step at a time into the Leg Yield.  The Leg Yield is a movement where you ask your horse to move forward and sideways at the same time. In example two you are asking for more lateral movement, the goal is to leg yield to the center-line giving yourself enough distance to get to X where you can ride forward into a half circle back to the arena wall.

What happens at H is, you change your bend and start to leg yield.  Two things have happened; One your aids are opposite your new outside rein is your right hand and your new inside rein is your left hand,  the same follows with your legs. Now your horse is bent in the new direction. Next you leg yield your horse laterally.  As you begin the  leg yielding across the arena to the center-line you are bending in the new direction and moving away from your new inside leg laterally (or sideways AND forward).  When you have completed your leg yield you need to ride forward into the half circle. This circle should be easy as your horse is already bent in the new direction, when you start the circle you stop moving laterally and ride forward back to the arena track.

When you are tracking to the left as you see in example two before the leg yield.  Have contact on your right hand, the outside rein, this rein is used to keep your horse straight and control your horses speed or pace. You also have contact on your left hand, the inside rein, this rein should be softer and more active to encourage your horse to flex to the inside of the arena through the corners and circles in this direction.

When you are tracking  to the left as you see in example two before the leg yield.  Hold your right leg lightly on your horses side. You use this leg to create impulsion and to keep your horse straight.  If your horse is forward and straight then this leg remains neutral. Your left leg or inside leg is more active and used to encourage your horse to bend to the inside of the arena through the corners and circles in this direction.

Step Two:  Once you are back on the wall revisit  in both directions and ride it as often as you need to to gain confidence. Follow all the directions above with your aids changed for the new direction.

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