Can you identify the correct line of a circle?

How do you ride the correct line of a circle?

Correct Line of a Circle


Riding the correct line of a circle

The goal of this illustration is to help you understand what it means to  get your horse straight on the circle.  Looking at the illustration or the animation guess which example it correct.

The answer is Example C  You want to ride your horse off the inside line  

To ride a circle a circle like this you need to look ahead of your horse and follow the path of the circle with your eyes.

Most riders use the path on the inside of the line of the circle shown in (example A) making the horse crooked. This line encourages the horse’s natural tendency to move with the forehand to the outside of the circle. It also encourages the rider to place their hands and weight to the outside resulting in the rider dragging the horses shoulders to the outside of the circle line or creating too much bend in the neck.

(Example B) Is closer to the goal illustrating the horse’s spine following the path of the circle. But the most efficient way to follow the line is to keep the circle line on the inside of your horse (example C).

To achieve this goal to ride with the circle line to the inside of your horse (example C) you need to use your eyes to look for the inside line at all times. Using your eyes aids in moving your hands slightly to the inside of the circle while your weight stays balanced in the middle of the your horse.



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