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FEI Classics™: Olympian Shane Rose heats up the action at Adelaide

by Anna Sharpley

Olympian Shane Rose jumped out of the barriers and got a head start on the opposition riding Elizabeth and Felicity Wischer’s CP Qualified, as a cool change blew away the heat of the last few days at the Adelaide International 3 Day Event, second leg of FEI Classics™ 2015/2016.

Early to go, Rose and the horse by Quiet Capitol out of a Corofino mare, produced the winning test, and sitting on 42.10 penalties they lead their nearest rival by a seven penalty margin.

They were in this position two years ago with the horse, then a green four-star contender, however with two more years of competition under their belts, Rose will be heading to the Cross Country phase with a little more than his usual can-do confidence.

“He’s a different horse from two years ago and I would have been disappointed if I was not in this position today. I am confident he is going to do a good job in the next two days”. Rose has added assurance because the horse was imported to Australia as a potential jumper.

Thirty-two-year-old Katja Weimann bred and produced her BP Flamboyant, and is delighted to be in second place and declares she will be, “chasing Shane all the way tomorrow”. Flamboyant had a serious injury a few years ago and has been carefully nursed back to the peak of fitness by Katja. “He feels very fit and strong,” said Katja, who is a tough and experienced competitor.

New South Wales rider and trainer Christine Bates is certainly no outsider and with Adelaide Hill is just 0.30 of a penalty behind Katja Weimann and BP Flamboyant. “I have been working hard with Eventing dressage trainer Gareth Hughes, and Adelaide Hill was the most relaxed and rideable he has ever been and he gave me 110% out there, even though the marks did not reflect that. I’d be very disappointed if I am not sitting in this position or better tomorrow evening.”

New South Wales rider, Katie Roots is just a hair’s breadth from the podium in fourth place riding her impressive UK import, the Fleetwater Opposition gelding, Trevalgar II.

And what of tomorrow? “It is a really nice track and the going is good”, says Rose. “It is a typical Mike Etherington-Smith track. There is not one individual fence that looks difficult, just a consistent test all the way around and the time will be a factor, as it always is at Adelaide”. “It is a track that tests the communication you have with your horse”, adds Christine Bates. “You really need to know your horse”.

The top ten is a closely packed and talented bunch, with New Zealander Clarke Johnstone positioned nicely in fifth place just eight penalties behind the leader riding the New Zealand Sporthorse, Balmoral Sensation.

Will Enzinger, who gave Chris Burton his winning ride two years ago, holds sixth place with Wenlock Aquifer ahead of Shane Rose’s second ride, Michelle Hasibar, and Brett Jones’ Vivant gelding, Virgil. Megan Jones, second last year riding Kirby Park Allofasudden in eighth place is poised to strike if given the opportunity. The globetrotting and history making Brit, Alice Dunsdon sits at eleven, just outside the top ten.

Adelaide International 3 Day Event – Dressage leaderboard
1. Shane Rose (AUS)/CP Qualified 42.10
2. Katja Weimann (AUS)/B Flamboyant 49.10
3. Christine Bates (AUS)/Adelaide Hill 49.40
4. Katie Roots (AUS)/Trevalgar II 49.70
5. Clarke Johnstone (NZL)/Balmoral Sensation 50.10
6. Wilhelm Enzinger (AUS)/Wenlock Aquifer 50.40
7. Shane Rose (AUS)/Virgil 50.80
8. Megan Jones (AUS)/Kirby Park Allofasudden 52.80
9. Isabel English (AUS)/Feldale Mouse 54.60
10. Elinda Isbister (AUS)/Holy Bruce 54.60
Full leaderboard: http://bit.ly/1l9iWuO

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FEI Classics™ 2015/2016 Leaderboard (after 1 of 6 events)
1 Astier Nicolas (FRA) 15 points
2 Michael Jung (GER) 12
3 Tim Price (NZL) 10
4 Emily King (GBR) 8
5 Karim Florent Laghouag (FRA) 6
6 Claas Hermann Romeike (GER) 5
7 Sarah Bullimore (GBR) 3
8 Clare Abbot (IRL) 2
9 Sir Mark Todd (NZL) 1

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