About 12 months ago I gave into peer (and Barret) pressure and started bedding Velvet’s stall with shavings. I really didn’t want to have to invest the time and money needed to maintain a bedded stall, as Velvet has access to outside as well. Bedding was a luxury not a necessity.
I am so thankful that I did give in. Most days, twice a day, Barret has helped me pick that stall. Some days we have worked side by side saying very little, some days I have been a short tempered, pushy mum, trying to hurry the task along. And then there have been other days, when I have heard words of wisdom only a child can come up with or I learnt of a dream Barret has for her future or she has told me of a fear that she has never mentioned to me before. Today I was lucky, I got to meet a new super hero!
Now every time I buy shavings, I don’t think of it as investing in bedding but as investing in Barret and my relationship. I’m pretty sure we will have stalled horses and ponies for a long time to come.