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Beginning Trot Poles

Beginning trot poles

Beginning trot poles.

The natural length of your horse’s step this is, usually, between 4 feet and 5 feet, but this varies depending on your horse or ponies height. When you introduce, the ground poles do your best to set them to match your horse’s natural step. You might need some help on the ground to accomplish this but once you figure out the distance, measure it and memorize it and use it for future reference.

Begin this exercise by breaking it down to the most simple elements. The goal in the beginning is to introduce your horse to the trot poles. Do not start by trying to get your horse to change the length of his/her step. Let them have an opportunity to figure out where to put their feet without having to edit their stride. Figure out your horses natural step and if your horse has a 4-foot step then set your poles 4 feet apart.

If you or your horse have never worked through trot poles, then walk through poles until you are confident. Set your goal to keep your horse going forward through the poles. Another option is to set one pole out for your horse to step over then add a second pole continuing to add poles until you have four to five poles in place. The addition of poles does not have to happen all in one day. Depending on your and your horses experience, add poles accordingly. Take as much time as you need to get four poles in place.

When you have your poles in place, and you have ridden your horse through the poles at the walk. Pick you your working trot and start using your half halts through the corners to get your horse attentive, forward and soft in the bridle. Riding through the corners use your eyes to find your path. Try to keep looking in the direction you are going, using your eyes to define your path. Before you begin turning half halt your horse if necessary, then continue around the corner. Try to keep your horse balanced and bent in the direction you are heading. When you come down the long side approaching the ground poles, half halt if necessary, to help your horse remain balanced, try not to speed up while keeping your horse straight through the middle of the poles.

When you ride through the ground poles, make sure to allow your horse to adjust his step and feel the swing in your horse’s stride. Adjust your hips and try to be soft and accommodating to your horse’s step. Try to keep your upper body tall and centered over your hips and keep your hands, and arms supple following your horse’s mouth. Avoid pulling or gripping with your hands or legs. If your horse speeds up through the ground poles then make your adjustment in the arena where there are no poles and enforce the halt-halt and as you approach the ground poles. When you gain confidence, continue riding the ground poles in both directions changing rein through the diagonals.

Trot poles require more energy than simply trotting, and you want this exercise to be fun for your horse. Give your horse frequent breathers and quit while you are ahead. You are much better off working through any exercise accurately then excessively.

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Jean-Francois Pignon

Jean-Francois Pignon Crinières

For nearly 30 years, Jean François presents performances worldwide.

This self-taught was born December 18, 1968 at chalones sur Loire in western France and it is the age of six he arrives in the Drome with his family. Third son in a family of five children, he kept sure to have had a privileged childhood, and loving despite the financial modesty of his parents.

Sports in the soul, the little boy that he was only thinking run and play football until the day a new arrival came change his life

Andrew‘s father, Jean-François buys a song a filly a year that name is Gazelle.

Quickly complicity unusual weaves them. They play for hours, even go to school together.

Naturally, JF turns to the equine and after accompanying ballads in the family business he created with Frederick, his brother, a small troop of horse show, access to the stunts and stunt They participate in together shooting equestrian scenes in some episodes of William Tell.

Always together, the brothers set out to sea sand, famous amusement park, for a season in 1989 and then returning on the roads of France, adding to their Salsa team, the daughter of Gazelle.

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In 1991, JF presents Equestrian in Avignon a unique number of its kind, where everything is presented in the wild, this is success.

The springboard for his career will allow him to chain in the same year Verona, Paris and number of very important events.

The association of brothers Gable ends because it’s time for both to launch a solo career. They often come from their cross randomly of their shows in France or abroad and for their pleasure.

Since 1993, JF turns especially abroad, particularly in Germany, where the spectators are very fond of freedom. He has the chance to make the biggest shows including Equitana five recovery (the largest European horse show), twenty different countries, including the following cities: Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Barcelona, Sevilla, Oslo, London, Doha, Budapest , Verona, Prague, El Jadida, etc.

In 2003, eight horses that make up the stable of the horse show and rights complicity peaked.

For a few years, JF also presents its creation, a musical horse show: FORGIVENESS

This show is meant to be a message of peace among peoples. With the participation of other riders (Lorenzo turn, Arnaud Gillette, Pierric, Caracole and pulse) of eight musicians and singers playing live for 1 h 30, comedians, this show seeks to engage the public. With more than 200,000 spectators for forgiveness and as for his Bestoff Libertad is the success.

Besides his work as a showman and master course, it touches everything at the chance to participate in the filming of the movie “Dance with him” (more than one million tickets sold) in 2007, as a trainer of Horses film actor with Mathilde Seigner and Samy Frei.

He is also the author of a co-written by his wife, “A Walk to Freedom” published in 2009 the book, praised by critics for its writing and its aesthetic quality. This art book, translated into English and German tells his story in his first game and discusses his method in the second.

In 2011, he began shooting his own feature film, “Gazelle”, where he carries all the hats: writer, producer, director and actor! This film tells his story with horses and especially his conversion, which led him to change profoundly.

Bio from Jean Francois’s webpage translated with Google Translate. To learn more about him visit his website.

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