Whey Equine Thermography?

My friend Kelly Jewel posted this video to Youtube the other day, and it caught my eye.   I have always been curious about what equine thermal imaging is, and this bit of video got me motivated enough to do a little research.  Thermal imaging works by reflecting heat from the body of your horse, and it creates a pictorial representation of your horse’s surface temperature.  By measuring your horse’s skin temperature, it illustrates alterations in the circulation of deeper tissues.
This image gives us a tool to “read” what is going on under the surface of your horse’s body.  Heat may be a sign of inflammation or a “hot spot” while “cold spots” may be a sign of injuries that reflects swelling, decreased circulation in damaged tissue or the presence of scar tissue.

Equine Thermography  is useful in:

  • Saddle fitting
  • Preventative care
  • As a diagnostic tool
  • Checks tendons and ligaments
  • Checks hoof balance
  • Monitors joints
  • Monitors circulation
  • Measuring progress

So, in a nutshell, thermal imaging gives you the inside track on your horse’s physical health by helping locate injuries, specifically when your horse is presenting with inconsistent or unclear symptoms.

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